Presented by Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller

Published by Happy Medium Press Copyright 2010

Edited by Andy Pearson & Michael Reccia w/various authors & modelmakers

ISBN:978-0-9564306-5-6                                            Approx 39.95 US Retail

Reviewed by Mick Burton (and I purchased retail…)

 The frontispiece opens with

 “this book is respectfully dedicated to the memory of Ron Bezouwen”

I point this out now because it painfully underscores what prompted me to get this into print right now, no more “fiddling about”, WRITE IT AND GO ! I’d reviewed volume 1 of this series for the IPMS USA Journal a ways back. Now eerily, it too shadows where this volume blares out, as cover of V.1 proud with “Thunderbird 2” as V.3 has “SuperCar” here. The publishers would be infinitely gracious if they do reprints, to rededicate this volume to Messr Ron B and to Gerry Anderson.  Whence I saw this in the available catalog items online, months ago, immediately it became “a G Anderson Tribute Issue” in my jaded mind. The “Studio Size Scratchbuilt SuperCar” by David McDermott is ten pages of great modeling and subtitled as “a trip down memory lane …at speed”. Indeed.

 Mike Mercury and SuperCar were my youthful intro to Gerry & Sylvia Anderson, SuperMarionation, very powerful influence too.     This book is a marvelous compendium of basically completed expressions of this same effect on these contributing master modellers, all but one of the NINE chapters are models from an Anderson series: SuperCar, StingRay, Captain Scarlet and the “live marionettes” show (my take) UFO . Why would one want this book, since it’s in English (as opposed to American), many of the products likely aren’t easily found here (oh yea, you leave the Earth when you leave continental USA…right) and what other excuses one wants to come up with. Well for one, the WRITING is brilliant, irreverent as hell (the Ron whom book is dedicated to has two chapters, his first on the Thunderbirds Xmitter Truck (back cover on top of this article) has a half page of hilarious segue into deep murderous musings worthy of any true crime show or Law & Order script, yet is totally tied into the Thunderbirds franchise. You simply have to read it to get the full effect, trust me very worthwhile. I’ll let folks who come to the meetings read my copy to aid their comprehension for free, as long as they warn me ahead to bring it. Lead off chapter shows how an English modeler tracks down the source kit (as he said, an OLD Hawk kit of USA of Convair 880 airliner, revived by Glencoe briefly, not exactly prime easy for him to get) from serious rewatching of show as adult, for a brilliant diorama setpiece where he constructs an airport from the show Thunderbirds too.  Photos and writing almost make it seem I could do it with enough will, for here he shows the way! Next chapter “Ghost of the Sea Sub” the author/modeler again says yes he could “write this up as if I the modeler swam naked thru a sea of gasoline and razor blades” to “dramatic effect”. But he emphasizes what is actually a hell of  a scratch project, how it is almost all in the WILL to simply get on with the project you desire that makes it all happen, that’s the magic. Ward Shrake deserves an award to me for how he put this article together, alone, much less what lovely work his model (of a guest star model from Stingray series) turns to be. Okay, maybe this is a thin review. But if you’re at all fan of Gerry Anderson’s work, or great writing on models, GET THIS, damn y’all!