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UPDATED 11-29-13   See PARKING for news, some shots & RESULTS from my latest Contest Direction for my other club, The Fremont Hornets. BOOKS REVIEW PAGE ADD 

Check out my photo gallery to get a sample of my building. 

  And for now, below, the latest edition of material for 2013

TriCity Nine annual event held 9-29-13, reviews of which I 

did, so a bit self serving, albeit accurate and fairly complete

10_29_13_BUZZ_FINAL.pdf 10_29_13_BUZZ_FINAL.pdf
Size : 4910.856 Kb
Type : pdf
SheetOct2k13_FINAL.pdf SheetOct2k13_FINAL.pdf
Size : 2494.676 Kb
Type : pdf

AND A BONUS ! Two Part April SVSM Reviews of my last Kickoff, # 19 show. Worked out well for all involved, I'd say

SheetApril2k13_D8.pdf SheetApril2k13_D8.pdf
Size : 2085.896 Kb
Type : pdf
Size : 3362.739 Kb
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Many places yet to visit, even more to which I want to return. The camera is charged up and those newsletters, websites are hungry