Modeler’s Guide to the Sabre & Fury

By Jay Sherlock

ISBN-13: 978-0-9851154-0-1 SOFTBOUND  (PLASTIC)  Price:  approx. $26.95

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REVIEWED BY Mick Burton (purchased, not a "review gift")

 As it turns out, this book is dedicated to “the late Bob Love, for his illuminating discussion on flying and fighting the Sabre”. It shouldn’t surprise me, for it was thanks to this club and author of this book, that I was privileged to meet this gentleman. Extra treat since that was the night he spoke to us at San Jose Scale Modelers about his work with Northrop on the “N-102 Fang” with rare video materials. 

 I was later to be part of those whom he showed more of his personal gun camera films from Korean War, where Robert Love definitely was an expert on the 1/1 NA Sabre. Jay Sherlock is an ace author in his own right.  His Modeler’s Guide on an aircraft he and Bob shared an affection for, provides you every evidence of how and why. Tho long having several well known, well loved “modeler oriented or focused” volumes (which concentrate on a single type or family of an aircraft), I ‘d had no real idea what I had been missing out on ! Until I bought this book at the IPMS Reno “Lucky 13” show, along with Jay’s earlier one on Douglas A-1 Skyraider. (another great value, a review for another time)

 As he succinctly states, the focus is on MODELLING the military operated variants of all the Sabres in the family, using existing kits in 4 most common scales 1/144, 1/72, 1/48 and of course 1/32. Even with my many years, various enthusiasms pursuing mainstream plus “obsessed fan” source refs, I felt humbled reading Jay’s work here. So much detail in just 150 pages. Razor sharp focused, almost scary how well organized, and strikes me as no word wasted. Jay’s format model employed with excellence, he provides a side view line drawing for each variant discussed in blackline on white, with red number (for changes) callout, or green letter (optional) . While Jay clearly mission states that one-offs such as testbeds or civil op versions aren’t covered, taking in the sheer number of detailed attentions for dash numbers of major models alone will give you the true value of this single volume for a reference.  
 There’s full and equal respect for CL-13 Marks 1 through 6, CA-26, CA-27 Mk 30, 31, 32. US Navy Fury gets no less, and even the XFJ-2 vs XFJ-2B receive singular attention. Then unknown to me until his book: existence of the IF-86D (rare Yugoslav AF local conversion of F-86D-50) plus scrap view of RF-86A vs RF-86F, all of them PhotoRecce Sabres. Not really well served in one place til now! Along with his 5 pages of CLEAR CONCISE USEFUL TO ALL SABRE MODELLERS data on yes, those infamous “swept wings”. That section alone is damned near worth the price of this book by itself.

 It’s my hope that I have at least here enticed you to go to Jay’s AeroResearch website. You’ll find there he’s got a lovely 3 page sample which ought to be all
you’ll need to finally put this into your library. No true Sabre fan should deny themselves this reference. – fini mickb